Orange peel is commonly seen as a waste product, both at home and in the industry. The peel is rich in substances that have potential for further usage. The potentials were explored in a research that originally focused on dust. Dead skin cells are one of the major components of household dust. This fact opened the door to the world of skin and it’s potential. Orange peel, which can be seen as a skin, is composed of sugars, cellulose and pectin.

An experiment like this demonstrates the potentials of using substances in the peel in a wider context and therefore increase the product lifespan of an orange. The final result is skin made of skin that potentially can be used as some sort of coating.

The project was chosen by the Art Academy to participate in DesignMarch 2017, The name of the exhibition was Unknown Sources and had work by six students from the product design department. On next page there are photos of the materials and a poster for the exhibition which I designed.